『RETHINKING THE KOREAN PENINSULA』 -Arms Control, Nuclear Issues and Economic Reformation

학술총서   ISKS Research Series 1 (1993년)

Chapter 1
Rethinking the Korean Peninsula
…Young Whan Kihl,Chung-in Moon and David I.Steinberg
Changes in South Korea and Inter-Korean Relations
…Manwoo Lee
Chapter 3
A New World Order and the Korean Peninsula
…Young Whang Kihl

Chapter 4
The United States and the Korean Peninsula in a Post-Cold War Order; Change and Continuity …Daryl M. Plunk
Chapter 5
Political Change and Conventional Arms Control in Korea …Tong Whan Park
Chapter 6
Arms Control and Inter-Korean Relations; an American Perspective
…Burrus M. Carnahan
Chapter 7
Korean Arms Control in the Regional Context …Ronald D. Maclaurin,Chung in Moon
Chapter 8
The North Korean Nuclear Issue; The Second Stage Problem …Ho-Young Ahn
Chapter 9
The DPRK and Economic Reforms: Bridging the Chasm and Prospects for Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation …Robert Warne
Chapter 10
Socialist Economies, the DPRK and the International Banking Community … Duck-soo Lee

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