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제6차 KOREA학 국제학술토론회

시 일 2000년 2월 18일(금)-22일(화) ※현지시간
장 소 Ala Moana Hotel (하와이/호노루루)
공동주최 하와이대학 Center for Korean Studies
오사카경제법과대학 아시아연구소
북경대학 조선문화연구소
주 제 Critical Issues in Korean Studies at the Millennium


1. Acquisition of Korean as a First Language (William O' Grady, chair)
Jin Nam Choi, Université de Paris X-Nanterre
Young-joo Kim, Hong Ik University
Patricia Clancy, UC Santa Barbara
Bing Hao An, Peking University

2. Issues in Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language (Dong Jae Lee, chair)
Sung-Ock Sohn, UCLA<
Sang Hee Ryu, Nishogakusha University
Chong-Woon Kim, Griffith University
Xian Han Li, Peking University

3. Korean Language in Variation(Ho-min Sohn, chair)
Sungdai Cho, Stanford University
Rei Fukui, University of Tokyo
Kychul Sung, University of Seoul
Duk-Soo Park, University of Sydney

4. The Korean War and Literature in Divided Korea: Historical Development and Challenge(David R. McCann, chair)
Youngmin Kwon, Seoul National University
Dong Xun Jin, Yanbian University
Masuo Omura, Waseda University
Helga Picht, Korea Institute, Germany

5. Korean Literature in Diaspora(Yung-Hee Kim, chair)
Kichung Kim, San Jose State University
Walter K. Lew, UCLA
Toshihiro Hotei, Waseda University
Hu Xiong Jin, Yanbian University
Zhong Lu Piao, Peking University

6. Korean Dance Research: Past and Present(Judy Van Zile, chair)
Haeree Choi, Korea Natioanl University of Physical Education
Tae-won Kim, Dong-a University
Aishun Li, Yanbian University<
Hee-won Chae, Pusan National University

7. Yun Isang and His Music in Historical Juncture(Byong Won Lee, chair)
Günter Freudenberg, Asia House, Berlin
Tai-Bong Chung, Seoul National University
Walter-Wolfgang Sparrer, International Isang Yun Gesellschaft
Byong Won Lee, University of Hawai'i

8. Defining the "Koreanesque" in Expressive Culture (Byongwon Lee, chair)
Joon-sik Choi, Ewha Woman's University
Andrew P. Killick, Florida State University
Youngsook Pak, University of London
Okpyo Moon, Academy of Korean Studies<

9. Diplomacy Ritual, Trade, and Repatriation in the Choson Period(Kenneth R. Robinson, chair)
Kenneth R. Robinson, International Christian
James B. Lewis, Oxford University
Hoon Lee, National History Compilation Committee
Woobong Ha, Chonbuk National University

10. Korea's Self-Perception in Chos?n(John B. Duncan, chair)
Doo-hee Chung, Sogang University
Myunggi Han, Seoul National University
John B. Duncan, UCLA<
JaHyun Kim Haboush, University of Illinois, Urbana

11. State and Society in Ancient Korea(Wenyi Piao, chair)
Hyo Gul Lee, Andong National University
Wenyi Piao, Yanbian University
Zhenshi Piao, Yanbian University
Hyongsik Shin, Ewha Woman's University

12. The City in Late Choson(Mark Peterson, chair)
Soo-chang Oh, Hallym University
Sung Oh, Sejong University
Tae-jin Yi, Seoul National University

13. Colonial Korea: Historiography(Charles Armstrong, chair)
Kwang Cho, Korea University
Masahito Namiki, Ferris University

14. Kaya's Lost History: A Reconstruction(Kenneth R. Robinson, chair)
Young-sik Lee, Inje University
Gina L. Barnes, University of Durham
Vladimir Tikhonov, Kyunghee University
Byung-Ha Yoo, University of Durham

15. Paekche History: Buddhism and the State in Paekche-Views of its Political Influence in Internal Affairs and Diplomatic Relations(Jonathan W. Best, chair)
Robert Buswell, UCLA
Jonathan W. Best, Wesleyan University
Joo Sung Kim, Chonju National University
Hideo Yoshii, Ritsumeikan University

16. Koryo Under Mongol Control(Hyun Ku Min, chair)
Hyun Ku Min, Korea University
Hideto Kitamura, Osaka City University
Ik-joo Lee, University of Seoul
Tonino Puggioni, Italian Embassy, Korea

17. Korean Law: North and South-A Comparative Perspective(Chongko Choi, chair)
Chongko Choi, Seoul National University
Chulwoo Lee, Sungkyunkwan University
Chin-Tai Kim, Case Western Reserve University
Edward J. Baker, Harvard-Yenching Institute

18. Educational Reform in South Korea(Gay Garland Reed, chair)
Bong Gun Chung, Ministry of Education, Korea
Mann Gil Han, Korean Educational Development Institute
Sheena Choi, Purdue University
Yong Lin Moon, Republic of Korea minister of education

19. The Korean Diaspora(Duk Hee Murabayashi, chair)
Chanyu Ko, Osaka University of Economics and Law
Vladamir Li, Diplomatic Academy of Russia
Hong Bin Cui, Yanbian University
Wayne Patterson, Harvard University

20. Contemporary Korean Culture and Identity(Laurel Kendall, chair)
Haejoang Cho, Yonsei University
Chungmoo Choi, UC Irvine
Koen De Ceuster, Center for Korean Studies
Roger Janelli, Indiana University and Dawnhee Yim, Dongguk University

21. Popular Culture at the Millennium(Laurel Kendall, chair)
Laurel Kendall, American Museum of Natural History
Seong-Nae Kim, Sogang University
Kwang-Ok Kim, Seoul National University
Alain Delissen, Ecole des hautes études en sciences

22. Women's Studies: Gender issues(Laurel Kendall, chair)
Eun-Shil Kim, Ewha Woman's University
Hyun Mee Kim, Ehwa Woman's University
Oakla Cho, Sogang University
Seung-kyung Kim, University of Maryland

23. Economic Issues for the Korean Peninsula in the 21st Century(Chung H. Lee, chair)
Keun Lee, Seoul National University
Kwan Suk Kim, Notre Dame
Dongho Jo, Korea Development Institute
Cheng Xian Piao, Yanbian University

24. Demographic and Institutional Trends in Postindustrial Korea (Yean-Ju Lee, chair)
Tai-Hwan Kwon, Seoul National University
Eui Hang Shin, University of South Carolina
Minja Kim Choe, East-West Center
Sung-Nam Cho, Ewha Woman's University

25. Korea in Northeast Asia: Foreign Relations(Hong Yung Lee, chair)
C. Kenneth Quinones, Mercy Corps International
Yujie Cheng, Institute of Contemporary International Relations, Beijing
Tong-chin Rhee, Kim Dae-Jung Peace Foundation
Gotaro Ogawa, Japan consul-general in Hawai'i

26. Korean Business-State Ties in Compara -tive Perspective (Dennis McNamara, chair)
Changcheng Zhou, Wuhan University
Yong-hak Kim, Yonsei University
Dennis McNamara, Georgetown University

27. The Role of the Press in More Effective Mutual Cooperation Between South and North Korea(Joung Im Kim, chair)
Jae-Jin Lee, Hanyang University
Chungho Choe, Yonsei University
Toshimitsu Shigemura, The Mainichi Newspapers

28. South Korean Society after the Economic Crisis<(Hagen Koo, chair)
Kyung-Sup Chang, Seoul National University
Doo-Seung Hong, Seoul National University
Hideki Takizawa, Osaka University of Commerce

29. Languages of South and North Korea(Namsun Song and Kwang Chung, chair)
Kwang Chung, Koryo University
Jae Young Han, Hanshin University
Hi-won Yoon, Seoul National University
Jae-Hoon Yeon, London University

30. Roundtable Discussion on the Korean Language in the 21st Century: Prospects and Challenges(Chin W. Kim and Namsun Song, chair)
Hocherl Choi, Koryo University
Kwang Chung, Koryo University
Minsu Kim, Koryo University
Ho-min Sohn, University of Hawai'i


Korea's International Contacts(Jingyi Jin, chair)
Jae-Bong Lee, Wonkwang University
Alexander Vorontsov, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

Contemporary South Korean Society(Nion Suk Chang, chair)
Jung-Bae Kim, College of Business and Economics
Shin Arita, Tokyo

Korean Culture : Origins and Transmission(June Chang Yoon, chair)
Dae Song Chong, University of Shiga Prefecture
In-Hwan Kim, Koryo University
Gyeong-Sun Lim, Kwangju
Keun Cha Yoon, Kanagawa University

Issues in Linguistics (Song Sou Kim, chair)
Eung Jin Baek, University of Toronto
Dong Wan Han, Sogang University
Yong-man Kim, Yongnam University

Other Matters : Korea North and South(Yeomin Yoon, chair)
Sang-Ho Kim, Seoul
Ma-Ji Rhee, International Christian University
Cheol-Jong Ryu, Chonbuk National University
Ki-Kwan Yoon, Chungnam National University

Perspectives on Korean Literature and Dance (Song Sou Kim, chair)
Chun Hwa Kang, Moksong Women's University
Inhee Kim, Ritsumeikan University
Chong-Ok Lee, Uiduk University