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학 술 총 서   ISKS Research Series 2(1995年)

"Rationality and Politics in the Korean Peninsula"

1.Rational Choice Meets Korean Politics
Part1:The Process of Democratization in Korea
2.Bargaining over Electoral Reform during the Democratic Transition …Tun-jen Cheng and Mihae Lim Tallian 
3.The Formation of the Grand Conservative Coalition …Hee Min Kim
4.The Rationality of Labor Strategy during the Democratic Transition, 1987-1989 …Jongryn Mo
5.Voting and Abstention in the 1992 Presidential Election …Chae-Han Kim

Part2:Security Issues in Korean Peninsula
6.South Korea's Foreign Policy Strategies toward Main Actors in the Northeast Asia …Woosang Kim
7.Domestic Uncertainty and Coordination between North and South Korea …Byeonggil Ahn
8.A Dynamic Model of Inter-Korean Relations …Sung-Chull Lee
9.An Expected Utility Model of Inter-Korean Relations
…Chi Huang, Woosang Kim, and Samusl Wu
Part3:Korean Politics and Rational Choice : An Evaluation 10.Contribution of Rational Choice Approach to the Study of Korean Politics : An Appraisal …Tong Whan Park
11.South Korean Domestic Politics, 1948-1993 …Daniel H. Cox and HeeMin Kim
12.International Political Events around the Korean Peninsula, 1960-1993 …Uk Heo and Woosang Kim